Thursday, March 4, 2010

My daughter has had some real fun at school this winter - even with the snow and cold. One of her friend's moms posted these pictures and I thought I would "borrow" them for my blog.

Their class got to go to a gymnasium/workout facility called Velocity earlier this winter. I took her there and watched as they played "Find the Ball" under cones, climbed over small hurdles (and under big ones), played "Cross the River" with balance boards and foam equipment, and played "Clean out the Backyard" and "Builders and Bulldozers" with soft cones.

Then, they had a "Day at the Beach" in the middle of winter - right at their school. They turned the heat up, and everyone dressed up in beach gear - right down to the swimming suits and sunglasses. Beach balls and a small swimming pool were included. Fun!

Most recently, they had PJ day. Everyone dressed up in PJ's, brought a pillow and/or sleeping bag and whatever else helps them go to sleep - stuffed animals mostly. I think they relaxed, but I'm not sure my little girl ever slept. She's "anti-nap" right now, but thankfully she does do "quiet time" - so sleep is inevitable if she's home :)

You'll notice how happy she is with her friend(s) at school. I think she might choose them/him over me right now. I just am glad she's having fun and learning, too.

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