Monday, October 11, 2010

Back home :)

Okay, so I was out for a little while there. It's kind of tough to keep up with the blog when you work full time :) Which is what I was doing there for four weeks. One of the PE teachers at Park Center was out on medical leave (or something to that effect) and they asked me to cover for a few weeks (turned into 4). Thankfully my mom came up for the first and fourth weeks, my dad for the second week, and my mother-in-law for the third week. It was kind of fun to have everyone visit (especially with MY grandma showing up for the fourth week with my mom!).

As nice as it was to be teaching again (and the kids and teachers were VERY appreciative of my being there), I'm happy to be home again. We've already had a nice (and orderly but busy) morning. My son has already had breakfast, got the remainder of his homework done, brushed his teeth, made his bed, got dressed, practiced piano, and has his backpack ready to go to school in another hour. My daughter also has brushed her teeth, got dressed, colored her picture for dance school, had breakfast, and packer her backpack for school. (Now I just have to get ready :) for the day).

Of course, since I'm on the computer, I've obviously been taking care of the finances/bills already this morning. It's nice to have my usualy Monday stay-at-home routine back. I'll be anxious to drop my daughter off at school and see her teachers, friends, and their parents. And I can't wait to see gymnastics and swimming later this week! PICTURES will be forthcoming!

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