Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mother, Son ... Weather

My wife and my son had a "Mother, Son" date last weekend. I think it's a response by our nieghbor mom to the "Father, Daughter Dance" that goes on every spring. Not sure, because I haven't had any part in the dance yet. I do know that the "Mother, Son" date was a nice idea, and I'm glad our neighbor helped set up the group event for the mom's and son's in our nieghborhood.

My wife and son looked awesome for the night. Trying to get him to dress up usually is difficult, but, for some reason, I think he enjoyed putting the shirt and khaki shorts on - probably because he was promised that he could change into oversized shorts and a comfy tee once they got back from dinner for the 'dance' and party.

Speaking of dinner - it was held at the California Pizza Kitchen. Now, the food must've been good, because there weren't any left-overs (or maybe there was another explanation for those not coming home? - more on that later). My son ate three pieces of pizza and was generally well-behaved, I'm told. With eighteen (yes, 18) boys at the place - all seated at the same table, I'm not sure I would've been able to consider my behavior "well-behaved" if I had gone.

The real story of the night - besides the nice dinner and eventually nice party back at our neighbor's house - was the weather. The tornado sirens went off for our county while many of the "Mother, Son" group was still at the restaurant (apparently it's not as easy to split up a bill as most of the restaurant employees I've had wait on me actually tell me that it is). The employees at CPK didn't have a clue - about the weather, either - as I'm told, and I was worried about my family.

See, the funnel cloud was spotted just south and west of our house (maybe 20 miles) and was heading due north. If you follow the weather, you know that a strong storm will make a hard right turn eventually. So ... the next time I heard about where the funnel cloud (or the storm that created it) was spotted, they said the name of my town.

Thankfully, this storm didn't produce much, if any, destruction. My wife and son got home safely (and enjoyed the party at the neighbor's once the tornado warning expired). And the weather, for one day, in one location, looked worse that it actually was.

By the way - the rest of the story on the food - the little bit that was left over from the restaurant ... got left behind amid the confusion caused by the weather. Oh well :)

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