Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of School ... coming up fast!

No pictures. Not a lot to say - okay, enough to fill the blog quite a bit, but anyway. Wish I had more to show, but I basically haven't taken pictures as I wait out the end of the summer and the school year's fast approach.

We're having some fun this weekend (Labor Day Weekend). And we already had some fun these past few weeks as well. My son had football camp a few weeks ago. Then golf lessons for a week just last week as well. The folks (mine) came up for a wedding last weekend (my cousin's) - which was a cool event. And my cousin came up for softball (and brought my aunt and uncle with her to help take care of the kiddos while my folks and I were at the wedding). All this happened while my wife took a work trip to Sweden for six days. My folks had fun and decided to take my daughter back home with them for four days before we meet up with them again this weekend.

So, that left my son and I will four days alone this week. Boys week! We enjoyed the Minnesota Zoo, Underwater Adventures, and Famous Dave's for dinner at the Mall of America. We also golfed a round at Eagle Lake (on a par 31 course - last hole was 300 yards for me ... and 186 for my son). He actually beat me on one hole - and just about double the course - at a legitimate 63 - no "foot wedges" or illegal shinnanagans (sp?). We also had my son's first couple soccer practices and his "Open House" at elemntary school (met his teacher and a few "new" friends).

All in all, things are cool. Anticipating a busy first week of school next week. With my son starting school on Tuesday and my daughter starting her swimming and gymnastics, with pre-school and dance soon too follow (in the next few weeks thereafter). Love being so organized - just hope everything goes as it should.

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!

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