Thursday, September 23, 2010

Okay, Happy Birthday, Welcome Back to School, and Twins Win!

No pictures to post right now ... well, I have them, but, I guess it takes time to post them. And I haven't taken the time, so ... they aren't posted yet.

Happy Birthday to my son! He turned 7 and it seemed like his birthday lasted for a week. We opened presents on his birthday (Tuesday). We went out to dinner ... kind of ... twice. Then, he and I went to a Twins game (Saturday) and sat about 10th row, right by first base. Chuck E Cheese party with his friends (Sunday). Then, another Twins game with Gramma and Grampa (Monday). I think he LOVED it. :)

School started ... for everybody - including me. I started a long-term sub position and so Gramma, Grampa, another Gramma, and the first Gramma again, are here to help take care of the kids while I teach. My son loves first grade. And my daughter is thrilled with pre-school, gymnastics, swimming and dance. She even is doing "Humpty Dumpties" at swimming without crying. Yeah!

We were hoping the Twins would clinch the AL Central on Monday, but they did it Tuesday. And good for them. Besides the Cubs, we like rooting for them a lot. And my son thinks Valencia is pretty cool - especially since he hit a 3-run HR on the Saturday we were there and a solo shot on Monday when went again.

Go Twins! (and badgers, and packers, of course!)

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