Saturday, December 22, 2012

Don't get me started ...

Loving having the in-laws here for the week. I'm thinking it'll make getting to Christmas even easier. My wife's parents came in on Friday afternoon, and we've been having a six-person blast for almost 24 hours now :)

On a sour note, as parents, my wife and I decided that we should no longer wait until the last minute to figure out gifts for the kids. We were so busy taking care of presents for everyone else, that when we got around to the boy (our 3rd grader), it was not easy to figure out and purchase something that he would really love for Christmas. I won't get into all the logistics, except to say that the endeavor has included a trip to Best Buy and the Apple Store, phone calls to several other retailers, repeated trials to purchase online, a cross-city trip by my mother to make a purchase, a postal service request for 'express' shipping, snow storm, repetitive inquiries into where the 'express' package has been, ulcers (mom and I), a couple more phone calls, back up plans to drive a couple hours on Sunday, and final look online to notice it's in town and will be delivered today or tomorrow. [Ok, so maybe will get into a lot of the logisitics.]

Anyway, I will, in the future, make certain to take care of the kids FIRST from now on. I know that they have EVERYTHING, but it still matters what they get for their Christmas presents.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Love you Mom and Dad! [Thanks for helping out with all this.]

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