Monday, June 10, 2013

I promise to post pics ... but for now ...

'Twas the first Monday of Summer, when all through the house
Every creature was stirring, dirtying pants, socks and blouse
The schedule was packed with activities galore
With hopes that the family could just make it to July 4
The children were restless all couped up inside
With the rain having let up just Sunday night
With Mommy at work, and I with my coffee on my stool
The kids had just come home from vacation bible school
When out in the living room arose such a whine
I sprang from my seat, making quick time
Away to the sofa I flew like a flash
Tore into the kids, ripping them a new ... (well, you know)
The yelling from the mouth of a six-year old lass
Was only matched by a similar sound from the nine-year old sass
For what did my wondering ears have to hear
But a fight over which one's argument was more clear
The yelling was silly, but so loud and so quick
I knew at first listen it would be their first trip
To their rooms they were sent without electronics or games
And I kept calling to them to stop, each by name, each by name
Stop, Isabel! Stop, Zane! Stop, Ibby!, Stop, Z!
Be quiet right now! Or the result you will see!
It won't be pretty. You won't get much to do!
We have all summer, so find the right 'tude!
As the air grew more calm and the sass dissipated
The kids realized they weren't really hated
As they walked back down the steps, they came to see
How they should really act, how they should really be
The day started over, or least afternoon
And behavior would change, or they'd go back to their rooms
The spoke not a word, but went straight to doing nice
And helped clean up games, lunch plates filled with rice,
And did all their chores, and began speaking polite
Saying please, thank you, and everything right
They sprang when asked, to do what they should
Picking up, putting away, doing all things 'good'
But I did hear them say, as I walked up the stairs
"It's the first day of Summer. By the end, he'll have no hair."

[purely fictional ... truly ... really, my kids were pleasant today ;) ]

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