Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Come on Jimmy, enough with the snow!

We had a bunch of snow come through the cities over the last 48 hours and hopefully it is done. The good news was that it seemed to be pretty light and fluffly ... unless of course it's the stuff that the snowplow deposits at the end of the driveway after the snow has been in the street for eight hours or so.

The snow piles are roughly up to my chest right now, so backing out of the driveway would be an adventure in a sedan - good thing we have a minivan and a mid-sized/small SUV :)

Word is that we shouldn't expect too much more snow (thank goodness!). But it actually hasn't been too bad. At least we haven't had to travel too far. I'm thinking that Mother Nature is giving us the last winter weeks in a furry so that when spring comes early (like Jimmy the Groundhog predicted), we'll really be ready to enjoy it :)

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