Monday, February 1, 2010

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day ...

... and most people around the US don't even know where the "Groundhog Capital of the World" is. Phil may get the most exposure, but the legitimate groundhog prognosticator resides in southern Wisconsin.

Jimmy is ready to make his prediction and I'm thinking we might just have a LONGER winter this year. (Not that that is what I want!)

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin is truly the only Groundhog Capital of the World recognized by this BadgerCub. Sun Prairie has records dating to Colonel Angell back in 1889, siting his use of "Old B" the groundhog to "take for granted that winter is not half over." Even congressional records show men of high standing arguing about the legitimacy of other "whistle pigs." In 1952, Sun Prairie proclaimed itself "Groundhog Capital of the World" and to this day, I think nothing less than that. I hope Jimmy (VIII) the Groundhog stays warm Tuesday morning and I truly hope the sun does NOT shine, but whether the sun shines or not ...


by the way, in case you're wondering, displays just about every groundhog in North America ... and next to Jimmy's link it says ...

"Jimmy the Groundhog (Sun Prairie, Wisconsin) Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, the true Groundhog Capital of the World."

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