Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gap-toothed grinner!

This has been the week for teeth! My son had his "regular" dentist appointment last Thursday, but needed to have two "problems" (cavities in his already filled teeth?) taken care of, so we scheduled for Tuesday morning. The person who scheduled this should have told me, because ... wait, that was me. Anyway, I forgot and thankfully my phone "reminded" me on Tuesday morning. We were only 10 minutes late - which was okay since we called and they said that it was okay :) He did awesome.

Meanwhile, I had my "tech appointment" to get ready for braces going on in March. So, you know: x-rays; 360 degree x-rays; pictures with a digital camera from every angle - mouth closed, mouth stretched open with plastic tools; wax bite; and the most fun - molds! - one each of top and bottom. While I managed to make a complete mess of these when I first got braces in 4th grade (can you say "quick gag reflex" and involuntary vomitting?), I managed to relax, concentrate and breath through my nose this time. Voila! Manageable experience ... We'll see how the actual braces treat me. Mark March 11th on your calendars :) New smile.

Tonight! My son and I were in his bed reading about the Philadelphia Eagles in a book he brought home, when he expressed the fact that one of his teeth was REALLY loose. I wiggled it a little and realized it was ready to come out. So, I got the cold glass of water and we went into the bathroom. After several wiggle, rinse, wingle sequences, I asked HIM to wiggle it - and then I finally got it to come out. Success! Now, hopefully the permanent teeth decide to come in straight so that he doesn't have to do the molds like Daddy just did :) ... but, don't bet on it.

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