Friday, January 8, 2010

Yeah! It's Friday!

So, this has been a LONG week. But the end is HERE!

My head feels quite a bit better. The bump began to dwindle this morning and the three cups of coffee I drank this morning probably helped with my headache, but it is mostly gone. I'm hoping that by the Packer game-time on Sunday it is fully gone - especially so that I can play basketball afterwards without pain.

I actually got the kids to sit and eat today without television or music on. BIG accomplishment! In fact, my son ASKED if we could turn the TV off for lunch (it had been on for a half-hour while my daughter watched Dora), and then my daughter asked to be the one to turn it off. Yes! They even CHOSE not to watch television for a while this morning - ie, I didn't have to ASK them to go do something else. See, usually in the morning they get about an hour with their friends on PBS before they go play downstairs, upstairs (or imaginary football/baseball/etc, like my son does in the front room). Today, before I asked them to go do something else, my son asked to go play downstairs, then my daughter followed. Granted, I had to turn the television off for them, but basically a nice morning. I may be jinxing myself here, but relatively little if any arguing between them - and THEY ACTUALLY HELPED EACH OTHER PICK UP without making a big fuss.
Is reality back? Hopefully :)

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