Monday, January 25, 2010

Only 8 weeks until baseball season!

Looking outside here in the Twin Cities, you could never tell, but it's really less than two months until the bats and balls come out for good and we get going on another high school baseball season. I'm anxious. Glad that the Vikings lost - so that I don't have to hear about the "Greatest Team on Earth" like I have been all year - or at least since #4 signed and started playing. Hope he (Brett) retires for good now - as one of the greatest QB (and football players) of all time.

My son joined me in rooting for the Saints last night. (And his purple #4 t-shirt with "FAVRE" across the top remained in his closet) He has his first after-school class (community ed class) today. Extreme Legos: Wheels and Axels. Should be cool. Chess starts next week for him.

Went and saw my cousin play softball yesterday ... yes, I said that right :) Inside a dome/bubble. It got me more anxious for spring and baseball. The kids had a blast with my aunt and uncle and cousin. Just another reason for wishing we lived closer to everybody in Wisconsin sometimes :)

I should be running on the treadmill or working out in some other fashion, but instead I sit at the computer updating the blog. Oh well. Life is too short not to be doing what you WANT to be doing first ... unless, of course, you HAVE to do something. Right now, running doesn't fit into EITHER of those categories :)

8 Days 'til Groundhog Day! Everybody ready! :)

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