Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is it Friday yet?


Oh well.

Today while picking my daughter up at pre-school, I was informed that her best friend (who happens to be a boy) ... oh, no ... kissed her on the cheek. :) I had to laugh. Seems that my dauhgter's friend just wanted her to know that she was his best friend. Aaaahhh. It's hard to tell them that it's not appropriate to kiss a friend at school when they're three or four years old. Laugher. Helps me get through the week.

Which has been tough a bit already. On our "normal" trip to the grocery store on Monday, I went to put the bags in the back of the van and while picking up a bag out of the cart and turning, I completely clocked the upper front side of my head on the back hatch. Ouch! At least it didn't knock me out. But I did have one heckuva strained neck for a few minutes ... and a good-ol-fashioned goose egg on me - which is still there, red, and aches. Usually the hatch opens all the way and I don't have to watch out for it. Yet another reason not to like the bitter cold this week (it's been HIGHS below 20 and in the single digits).

And just when you think things are organized and taken care of ... you get reminded that you are not in charge. (Even though, I guess, technically, I am in charge of baseball.) Our biggest fundraiser - a basketball tournamanet we hold at our school - got scaled down ... again. Last year we had two seperate days of full-day tournament action. We were told we would only have one this year. Then, yesterday, we were told it MIGHT be able to be a half day - if we get it at all. So, there's a big bummer. If any of you are feeling sorry for us (or just me) you can always send a check my way :) (just kidding). We will be losing quite a bit of fundraising revenue - think thousands of dollars (and we only have a $1800 budget through the school) - but I think we'll be able to adjust. After all, you only do as much as possible with what you have. Maybe we'll think of something else to do this year ... anyone want to contribute to a HIT-A-THON? :)

School's in full swing for my son (second day today) and each day when I've asked how school went, he says, "It was really fun!" - which, is, of course, really good, since he's been on a completely different path for the past two weeks. It looks like we're all pretty much out-of-the-woods for colds. My wife's cough is still lingering, but I think she'll be okay. My head-cold comes and goes, as far as how bad it's treating me, but it's gone enough that I played basketball on Sunday night. And the kids seem to be able to do whatever they want without any afterthoughts. So, we're blessed that, even though I'm looking forward to Friday already, we're really in a happy, healthy, warm, and comfortable place - think: physically AND emotionally :)

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