Saturday, April 3, 2010

Minnesota Zoo

We decided to use Friday to go to the Zoo. Well, actually, it was more than that, but that's basically what we did. See, it's Farm Babies month at the Zoo. They have a children's farm/zoo area at the Minnesota Zoo. We not only petted goats, but got to see cows, calves, pigs and piglets, chicks, ducklings. And most of them, the kids got to pet. We took a short ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor ... and later, a longer ride on the monorail.

The day started with a new family membership to the Zoo. Then we started our journey through the zoo itself by watching the snow monkeys clean each other :) We started on the path and found the Tiger first. My daughter posed on top of the sculptures and we continued on to see the Caribou and the Moose. We stopped out at the Farm and spent some time with the babies and other animals out there. Then we ventured further back toward the entrance by way of prairie dogs, camels, wild horses, gazelles, pronghorns and eventually the Grizzly Coast :) The kids liked the bears, the boars and the otters, too.

My daughter was a bit disappointed in not seeing any elephants (especially since she brought her stuffed one with us). But her disappointment quickly disappeared as we watched the dolphins and waited for the monorail to return to station for our trip around the skyline of the zoo. Perfect timing allowed us to be inside as the rain came two hours into our day at the zoo. Lunch called as we exited the monorail for our van and the trip home.


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