Monday, April 26, 2010

Crazy weekend ... well, Crazylegs weekend, anyway :)

We went back to Madison this past weekend so that I could run in an 8k run called the Crazylegs Classic. Every year the proceeds from this event go to support UW athletics, underwriting scholarships for men and women student-athletes in all sports. It is named after Elroy "Crazlegs" Hirsch, an all-american and NFL hall of fame member who not only played football at UW, but also athletic directer at Wisconsin for a number of years.

I ran with a couple neighbors and their family and friends. Finished the 8k event in 40:59. Last year the event was completely sopped with rain. This year, even though it rained (or misted) much of the morning, during our running we didn't even catch a drop. We started at the capitol building on the square, ran past the Concourse Hotel, the Edgewater Hotel, down Langdon Street, up and down Observatory Drive, out to Picnic Point, back to University Avenue, toward and past Camp Randall on Breese Terrace, and into the stadium, finishing at (or near) the 50-yard line.

The weekend ended up being a get-together of sorts thereafter, as we got to see my grandma and Jerry, and then several high school friends and their families. It was the first time my kids had gotten a chance to play with all my high school buddies' kids - and it was a blast. The big kids (aka, my pals and I) played euchre. The women sat and talked and fussed with one of my buddies' new baby girl. And all the 3+ age kids (8 of them in all) played with toys, balls, and anything else they could find around the house. Hope there wasn't too big a mess when we left :)

Sunday brought a nice trip to early church, breakfast out at a diner with my mom and dad, and a fairly quiet drive back home. All in all, a pretty enjoyable weekend.

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