Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You take your moments where you can get them ...

Over the course of the 6 weeks of baseball games, I don't always get a chance to spend as much "quality time" with my family as I would like, so I thank God that I get the chance to be home with my kids during the day. Sometimes it makes me wonder, but I take what I can get. It's not always peaches and cream, of course. My daughter cries when Mommy leaves in the morning, asking her to stay home. My son complains about my directions all day, claiming he has the best way to do things. Then my daughter yells that she doesn't want the babysitter (even though, my daughter loves the projects they do and has a great time each day). My son argues about when to come in for dinner, then eats everything on his plate. At bed time, though - who do they want to read books? Me, of course. So, I do what I can, getting home almost exactly at bedtime after my high school games. And even listening to my daughter complain about me taking a run after she is already in bed. You know, it makes a guy go crazy a bit. But I love it. Just need the patience God gave me ... everyday :)

"... for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content." - Philippians 4:11 (ESV)

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