Monday, July 12, 2010

Oho Trip 2010

The drive from Minnie to NE Oho turned into an adventure right from the start, with extra-long bathroom breaks in 'Sconnie and a nice little bout of "construction driving" taking place in NW Indiana (just outside of Ch'cago). But we made it - with barely enough sanity to spare. The I-Pass seems to work in all three "toll" states (IL, IN, OH), so that helped. And ... Thank goodness for the big hugs from the fam as we got to Holly's Mom and Dad's :)

We celebrated Ave's birthday since it was so soon after vacation.

And Mom and Dad threw a 4th of July party (on the 3rd?) like they do every year. Lots of fun with family and friends. The fireworks display and fire in the backyard drew rave reviews :)

Canfield always has a nice little celebration, parade, and the Firecracker Four Mile race. I believe that this was my 3rd race. The kiddos race in the kids' run. My son took fifth in the youngest age group (8 and under). Not bad. My nephew/godson took second in the older group (9+). I, unfortunately, did not do that well, but it's hot when you start a race at 9am in July ... and "hot" is really an understatement, so I'm just glad I finish each year :)

My nephew stuck around with us at Mom and Dad's while the rest of his fam had to go back to southern Oho for a parade. (We would join them later.) So the seven of us (Mom, Dad, me, Holly, the three kids) went to a fun little fourth celebration in Columbiana. Obstacle course, towel toss, face painting - and goofy kids, cuz it was hot. The new play area at the park was awe-some - the kids loved playing in the shade of the big trees on the HUGE wooden structures.

We journey down to Marysville on Tuesday and spent a fantastic few days with our brother and sister and the fam. Hit Zoombezi Bay at the Columbus Zoo for a day - which was cool! The kids loved all the water rides and we really enjoyed spending an entire day together, by ourselves having fun.

My daughter loved playing with her girl cousins, and decided to put all her new Twirlie Girl bows in her hair at the same time to show us how much she liked them :)

Some more shots of the pool at Mom and Dad's. It was warm, so the pool was USED! :) Love it!

And birthday party pics always seem fun. Need some help blowing out the candles?
My son went for a ride on Holly's Dad's bike ... and by bike, I mean Harley. All the kids love Dad, and he loves his bike. This was probably the best pic of the weeknd - Dad with all the grandkids in front of the bike (It's probably already up in his locker at work!).
So, the pics aren't all in chronological order, sorry. But we had a great week. Now we have to figure out how to handle the next one back at home. Maybe some more yardwork. :)
PS - Added some Rockies pics to the last blog, so take another gander! :p

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