Saturday, March 5, 2011

What will we watch? Father knows best.

While my wife was on a business trip for work most of Thursday and Friday, I had some extra time with the kids - especially bath and bed time, which my wife usually takes full advantage. It was nice to have her home on Thursday morning before she left for the aiport, and since my son had been home sick with a head cold on Wednesday, my wife decided to drop him off at school before heading off for her flight.
As my son came home from school on Thursday, I set out to find something that we could all watch together for a family 'movie night'. Fairly quickly, I realized that my son and daughter would not come to a consesus. My son, though, came up with a solution: he would watch his movie downstairs, while my daughter and I would watch ours in the living room. I allowed this for the night, but quickly decided in my head that Friday would be another 'movie night' for the three of us.
After school on Friday, I made sure the kids had a good meal - steak, rice, brocolli, beans. Then, I mentioned that we could watch a movie again after dinner. Realizing the struggle it had been to come to agreement on anything the night before, I suggested we watch Madagascar together, thinking that they would jump at the fact that I had suggested it rather than their dreaded sibling (okay, they don't really 'dread' each other, but I take a little dramatic license, here).
After roughly thirty minutes of arguing between my daughter and son about what movie to watch (since neither wanted to watch my suggestion - Madagascar), we ended up on the couch together, laughing up a storm ...

... watching Madagascar.

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