Friday, November 20, 2009

Pretty Good Week

Still got no pictures. I guess the camera needs to get dusted off a bit :)

We went places this week, though ... kind of. I ended up showering ... and shaving :) Even made it to the grocery store on Tuesday. Washed the floor Wednesday night. Vaccumed on Thursday - kids even helped! But ... still didn't scan the pictures. See, the scanner is in the basement, and right now, I'm sooo much a first floor person :) We went to the pet store to see all the animals on Thursday. We got to see "fancy rats" digging under their "igloo" habitat (don't worry - still IN the cage/aquarium). Also saw a tortoise reached it's neck/head into a bowl of shredded lettuce, pull it out and munch on it - COOL! Lots of puppies on Thursday. Big puppies, small puppies, brown puppies, black puppies with white spots. My daughter loves the puppies!

Anyway, the big guy has a birthday party to go to after school today - which is neat. It's a movie party (at a theater) with a pizza party afterward (pizza place next door). The REALLY cool thing is that his friend asked him to sleep over afterward - BIG STEP! This'll be his first real sleepover - without Mom and Dad (or Gramma/Grampa). I'll be anxious to see how it goes - and post another entry :)

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