Friday, November 13, 2009

The week that was ...

So, I was going to post some cute photos from my son's birthday week(s) at school. They ask us to send a disposable camera and take a bunch of pictures. We got it developed a while ago, but I just came across the pictures again Monday as I was "organizing" the kitchen island. I thought that I would scan them, along with a few pictures of the little girl, and post them on our blog ... and then ... I decided to become busier than I thought this week :)

I always forget how hectic Monday is. Between grocery shopping, bills and money to take care of, my son's homework (which I HELP him do - NOT do myself), dinner, and dance class - it ends up NOT being a day to do the extra stuff I thought I could. Tuesday always brings more school - swim class and my daughter's preschool. This week I made it up to Park Center to talk with a few people and check up on the field. That was nice, but it meant that I didn't get any work done at home. Wednesday seemed to be the day I SHOULD have gotten stuff done, but apparently I found things to do that needed my attention OTHER than the plans. Thursday, I got back up to Park Center to spread agri-lime on the infield (NOT in my job description, but it was nice to have 9 baseball players there to help). I also got our COOL new jackets for baseball. I've worn it everytime I go outside since - just 'cause it's cool :) Had a couple extra young'ens over last night (Thurs) while my wife and a coworker went to funeral home for visitation hours. (Nobody TOO close - another coworker's wife, though - sad! - ovarian cancer)

Tonight, I should've stayed home all night. Instead, we went to "Turkey Bingo" at my son's elementary school. All that needs to be said is, "too many people; too little space." I hope it makes a @#$%-load of money as a fundraiser for the PTO, but I don't think I'll be going again. They sell pizza, candy, pretzels, pumpkin pie. And they raffle off 100's of things. Plus there's a silent auction. All good stuff, but they do it all in the gymnasium of an elementary school - and there's not enough room for all the people that show up. In addition, I don't do very well with LARGE crowds. So, the first 10-15 minutes we're there, I'm ... well ... worthless. I finally adapted a bit and made the best of the situation - thank goodness we had a few neighbor families and friends there to help us find a seat and take care of us :)

Anyway, all this before the weekend and now I'm actually blogging at 9pm on a Friday. Oh well. I will post some pictures (hopefully ones that I have been planning to scan, in addition to some new family shots) soon. For now ... kids asleep, and soon I will be, too :)

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