Monday, October 25, 2010

Willow the Wolverine

It was a fun long weekend :) It was long, because the kids had Thursday and Friday off from school for teachers professional conferences. My daughter was chosen as the first in her preschool to bring home the furry friend - Willow the Wolverine. She LOVED having her home with us, choosing to sleep with her every night and even introducing her to Ellie the elephant, so they could be friends.

With a little influence from the stuffed wolverine, we decided to go to the Zoo on Friday. We got lucky and saw the actual thing - the real wolverine - moving around, climbing rock walls, and looking for something to eat - we think. Anyway, we got a real close look and a nice picture of the furry guy's face. My daughter was THRILLED!

We also got to look at some other favorites, including the seat otters (who were playing with balls in the ice cold water), the prairie dogs (not as lively on Friday), and the animals in the Minnesota Trail (including the wolverine and the river otters). It was neat - and the weather helped allow us to enjoy it all.

With football on all weekend, we were able to take great pleasure in watching Bucky beat the Hawks on Saturday afternoon, and especially grand pleasure in watching the Packers take out the Vikings at Lambeau on Sunday night (although the kiddos didn't actually see all of that one - but I did!).