Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red Rockets 56 vs. Parents 1 - according to the kids :)

Before the game, we were all friends - but during the game it was US vs THEM (according to my growling daughter).
"Brothers gotta hug!" ... okay, brother and SISTER gotta hug!
Last introduction as a "Red Rocket" ... *tears* ... I think she wants to jump to coach-pitch next year :)
Pictures, certificate, and survey received! Great 2011 Tee Ball season, Honey! We love you!
Thanks, Coaches, for a fantastically fun year!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Red Rockets vs. Blue Sharks

Getting our bag ready for our final tee-ball game against other pre-schoolers.
Let's go!
And ... when is it my turn to hit? ... Okay, I'll wait and cheer on my teammates :)
Proud big brother
Out on my front foot a bit ... but it did go past the 2nd baseman and 1st baseman - almost all the way to the grass!
I'm ready to run! Not getting ME out at 2B!!!
Time to score from 3rd!
Ready at 1B
I think I got this one!
Here it comes! I got it! ... Good job, honey!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Minnesota Zoo ... Penguins and Dolphins

As a HUGE BoDeans fan, I was extrememly disappointed when I couldn't get tickets to the BoDeans concert at the MN Zoo Amphitheater for Friday night. Never mind that I had advanced access to tickets as a Minnesota Zoo member. Five minutes after the advance ticket purchase opened I logged in on the prescribed day to find out that only single tickets were available.

I looked at StubHub but the tickets were going for three to four times the face value. Never mind that the tickets weren't even available to the general public for another day. Oh well. Long story short - yesterday was the day of the concert, so the kids and I went to the zoo yesterday during the day instead of my wife and I going to the concert.
Here are the pics. Not nearly as exciting as the BoDeans in concert, but a lot cuter!
Watching monkeys with Curious George in tow.

Sitting with the new African Penguins ... and little Pengy (the stuffed one).

Touching the sand sharks.

Waiting for the dolphin training session.

Little smooch for the dolphin?

Don't ALL animals like a little belly run?

A little reward for good behavior.

Pirouette ... a dancer?

Sea Otter doing a somersault in the water.

Bears even think it's too hot. Sleeping.

"Who are these people and when did they move in next door?"

"No, you may not borrow a cup of sugar!"

"How you doo-in'?"

Mist station respite.

Horses, horses, horses, horses ...

Beautiful morning at the Minnesota Zoo!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Minnesota Twins ... good luck charm?

(24-39, 7-16 home) as of June 10, 2011 ... June 11, 2011 (our family's first game attended 2011 season) ...  (46-51, 25-22 home) 2011 record as of July 20, 2011 ... (22-12, 18-6 home) June 11 - July 20, 2011 record.

[They haven't won all of the games we've attended, but they have started to spark. Go Twins!]

Monday, July 18, 2011

Maple Grove Days

Fresh cut from Friday - happy to be going to Maple Grove Days.

In the Army Jeep.

First our friend Brandon 'drove' ...

... then we got a chance.

My daughter just rode in the back ... she got her 'drive' on later.

Dad and kiddos in front of the bucket truck.

Just like Grandpa's (in Ohio).

Stay safe - wear your hard hat!

Now we're driving - kind of. Hold the wheel, Honey :)

One last picture with Brandon by the squad car before we move on to games and more fun.

Hair by Mommy. Attitude and strut by my daughter.

Walked around the 'pond' to the games area. Here's the community center we use.

Friends waiting to ride the ponies.

First pony ride. Yeah! Big smiles.

Getting ready to jump ...

... and off we go. Up high.

Back flips, too.

Proud, but tired.

Not too tired to play dodgeball in a jump-house, though. Take it easy, kiddo!

Ladies 'driving' their race cars around the track.

Intense much?

Runs in the family.

Tiger house jumping for the girls.

And one last pony ride. Thanks, MG Days, for all the fun!