Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red Rockets' First Tee-ball Game

Got our baseball bag, got our shirt/jersey, wearing our cleats (yes, you just can't see them), but had to wear the Wisconsin hat because our team hat seems to be too big and not 'quite right.' At least we're red!

Shirt tucked back with a hair 'pony', hair pulled back with a hair 'pony' - and all set - just waiting to start.

Coaches announced the teams. My daughter tipped her cap when her name was called. That's my girl!

Started at first base in the first inning ... almost ready to start!

Okay ... NOW we're ready! :)

Switched to third base half-way through the inning. Talking with the other team, here.

Waiting to hit. Hitting sixth in the bottom of the first (I think it's a last name thing).

After our first hit (a solid drive - on the ground between the 1st baseman and 2nd baseman).

A bird. (I had to test my new camera out - seems to work pretty well).

Ready on the pitcher's plate. We're gonna make some plays!

Switched to shortstop - I think our teammate needs to move to the other side of 2B to actually play second. Oh well.

Afterwards we were really happy - and we got to do 'high fives' with the other team. Congrats! Love you, girl! Nice job!

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