Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who's on first?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Winning streak ...

As I type, the Cubs are trying to rally from a 2-run defecit to secure a third consecutive victory, and the Twins have just completed a third win in a row ... so ... I though a little "winning streak defined" might be in order from Big Lou Brown and Major League

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!

So, the Chicago Cubs won back-to-back games this Monday and Tuesday. (I don't want to hear that it was against the Padres - currently the worst team in MLB! ... only because of a Willingham walk-off for the 'other' team we root for here in MN, of course.)

However, in addition, the Corcoran Cubs garnered their second victory of the season this Tuesday night. Behind some pretty good sticks and a decent piece of defense, the Machine-Pitch League Blue-shirts put together enough skill to best a team that included some of their grammar-school friends.

The game began well enough, with the visitors in green getting a run in the top of 1. But the bottom half of the inning stalled, as a new pitcher (-er, machine) was called in from the pen. (Apparently second- and third-graders aren't too good at hitting pitches randomly projected a foot outside, two feet above their head, and then in the dirt.)

After a back and forth contest, the Cubs held their counterparts in the 4th and 5th innings while scoring more than five of their own runs in the final two innings, to procure the victory.

One of our teammates got his first hit - a rocket up the middle - while a number of Cubs made excellent stops of grounders hit all over the infield.

Our favorite #15 hitter went 2 for 3 with a double, barely getting thrown out in his last at bat on a ball that bounced off the pitcher to the shortstop.

We're flying the "W" flag today, friends!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Windows

Our remodeling has begun!

New windows in the family room, above the sink in the kitchen, and in my son's room were put in on Wednesday. Love. 'Em!

Used to be three double-hung.

Went with a three-partition slider. More glass, more view. :)

New golden oak wood around it.

Going dark cherry for cabinets, so updated the sink window. Was golden oak.

Now, it's a darker cherry stain for the oak around the double-hung.

Should look nice sitting against the cherry cabinets ... when they go in.

My son's window had been a mess - hence, no 'before' picture.

Instead just these two 'after' pictures of the beautiful double-hung with ZERO weathering on the sill!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baseball is life ...

We didn't win either of our games this week, but we had fun and the boys are improving. My son caught a little, played a little short, first and outfield. So far THIS Cubs team isn't improving on the real Cubs' record, but they do match the intensity, and improvement pretty well. Us coaches can't wait to keep playing and see the improvement all year long.
Stats for the weeek (for our #15): 3 for 4 with a double, 1 rbi, 1 run scored

Monday, May 21, 2012

The weekend that was:

Well. Things went pretty well this weekend. I helped prep a paver-patio for a neighbor. (Think: shoveled and wheeled many loads of dirt.) We enjoyed a nice 1st communion mass with our neighbors (and a great celebratory dinner). And we went appliance shopping (probably picked out our new fridge, range/oven, and microwave).

But the best part of the weekend was getting my wife back from Paris! :) ...

Welcome home, honey!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not sure what I'm in for this week...

So far, I've taken the kids to church, enjoyed much of the rest of Sunday, taken one kid to school on Monday and to gymnastics on Tuesday, while letting the other kid scooter to school.

We have also enjoyed somewhat of a family dinner each night (even if it was just chicken nuggets after my online grad school chat session Monday). We also did baseball pictures Monday night, and I even got to mow the lawn and take the grass to the yard waste site today.

Tonight we have a baseball game - which should be cool. I'll post pictures if I can find a way to take a few while I coach.

Wednesday is the tricky day, though. Not because we have a lot going on. No - just because my daughter has three sets of pictures to get taken - for dance - in three seperate outfits - with two different hair styles.

Did I mention that my wife is in Paris? ... Oh well :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is pretty bitter-sweet this year. Not that there's anything severely wrong, but I didn't have any of my 'moms' to hug today :(

I haven't seen my maternal Grandma in a while and she wasn't here to hug. My paternal Grandma was here last weekend, but couldn't stick around (except for one extra day because of the circumstances of last weekend). My mom was helping out with my niece and nephew and I last saw her last weekend as well. My mother-in-law did stay the week between my son's first communion and mother's day ... but left Saturday morning to go back home. And my wife flew to Paris (as in, France) Saturday afternoon.

But I love them all, dearly! And wish I could give one of them (... of YOU, if you're reading) a great big hug!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

'Peanut' :)

Spend the days of your life making memories in the lives of those you love, beginning today.

"In order to leave memories with the ones you love and who love you, you have to make some. To leave memories for your spouse of your time together, you have to take time to be with your spouse. To raise your children as good and godly people who love and respect you, you have to be a visable, real, and caring part of their lives. To make a difference in the lives of your friends, your coworkers, and those in the church and wherever you find yourself, you have to take time to care. To forgive easily."

" Take time to build those memories by taking time to care. Don't take yourself too seriously, but take those around you whom you love and who love you very seriously."

- Tony Dungy The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge

Friday, May 11, 2012

Target Field and Strep Throat

I'm a health educator and fairly responsible (and knowledgable) parent ... however, logic leaves me when I try not to make a connection between making a late night of it on Tuesday with my son at the Twins game and him feeling sick for the rest of the week.

Since my wife's parents are in town and hadn't been to Target Field yet, I ordered some tickets for their visit. As chance would have it, my son ended up having a baseball game of his own scheduled for the evening. Mother nature took care of us, though. It rained heavily during the day - cancelling my son's game. Thankfully, Target Field does much better with rain - especially with a tarp covering the infield - so, the Twins game went on as scheduled.

We drove down to the game through the rain, but just as we pulled into our parking spot the rain stopped, allowing us to enjoy a 5-0 Twins win on a gorgeous night. It was bit damp and chilly - enough to have on a sweatshirt and hat - but we really enjoyed the game. The three girls headed back home after the 7th, while us boys (including my son) stayed the full nine, making it back home for bed around 10:30pm.

The next morning, my son woke with a sore throat and aches and pains. Nice. I felt horrible for keeping him up. He stayed home from school and rested, but was no better the next morn. A trip to the doc revealed strep throat. Thankfully some meds and some more rest have him feeling much better this Friday. Unfortunately he has now missed three days of school. He DID enjoy the Twins game, made it to the big boards when I sent in a pic I took, and loved staying for the entire thing.

Holly's dad took the first one. The second one ended up on the big boards at Target Field. My daughter wasn't too happy about not being in that picture, but she wasn't even around when I took it. Oh well. She got over it! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Corcoran Cubs first game!

... another Vitense wearing #15 ... :)

... popped up the first at-bat ... but still over the shortstop's head for a hit!

... ready to move to second on a ground ball or a base hit ...

... whoops - almost ran right out of his shoes ... good thing he knows how to tie 'em ...

... not sure if that second-baseman will catch a pick-off throw from the pitcher (JK!) ...

... but then again, how will my son know to run if HIS eyes are closed? ...
... pre-game huddle ... baseball is definitely fun! ...

... did I mention that he caught two innings - he is a natural ...

... he hit left-handed his second time up - laced one to the first baseman ...
but his third at-bat he drove a gapper to left-center for a double!