Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not sure what I'm in for this week...

So far, I've taken the kids to church, enjoyed much of the rest of Sunday, taken one kid to school on Monday and to gymnastics on Tuesday, while letting the other kid scooter to school.

We have also enjoyed somewhat of a family dinner each night (even if it was just chicken nuggets after my online grad school chat session Monday). We also did baseball pictures Monday night, and I even got to mow the lawn and take the grass to the yard waste site today.

Tonight we have a baseball game - which should be cool. I'll post pictures if I can find a way to take a few while I coach.

Wednesday is the tricky day, though. Not because we have a lot going on. No - just because my daughter has three sets of pictures to get taken - for dance - in three seperate outfits - with two different hair styles.

Did I mention that my wife is in Paris? ... Oh well :)

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