Monday, February 24, 2014

2nd place at Big Lake, Final 1st grade game

Well, the regular season for basketball in the badgercubinmn household is now complete.

My son's team went to Big Lake and went 2-1 in round robin play. They lost to a very good Chaska team that will play in the top bracket of state tournament play. Then, they proceeded to win an OT game against Delano and a dominant game against Zimmerman (two teams they should see again in the third bracket of state play in a couple weeks). With some good all around basketball, the boys brought home the hardware in their final regular tourney.

The daughter's team played their final game of the season, too. Not sure what the score was, but my daughter hit at least three shots in a row in skills competition (non-competitive) and then did a great job handling the ball and playing defense during regular game play. Love her effort! Not as many rebounds this week after the record-17 last time out, but still a great little baller.

Proud of my kids!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Friday off

So much snow.

And wind.

No school, though. At least not today.

17 rebounds for my daughter in her game last weekend.

And a 4th place finish for son's team in his tournament.

And thankfully - thankfully - always baseball on Sunday nights in the dome.

Thank God for sport - especially baseball.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter is still here

And with it, the winter blahs.

I'm ready to move into spring and baseball season.

Until then, I'll rest my hat on watching my children play basketball.

The big guy's team won their first game today. In overtime. Then lost game two 36-6. Ugh. 3rd place game on Sunday. Update you later.

Favorite daughter is busy as always. After dance today, she has another basketball game as well. Her team (she's in 1st grade) lost to a team of all 2nd graders last game. Not too bad, though. She needs some strength on her shot, but she knows what's going on and plays great D!

The kids and I enjoyed the day off on Friday (conference release day) by, what else - going to my school, shooting hoops, playing catch, and generally enjoying ourselves before a lunch out at Chin Yun, and then some playtime back home with friends.

Thankfully, mommy came home from Phoenix (not Orlando) today.

Oh ... and after a sweep of the men's gopher hockey team last weekend by the badgers, the badgers men's hoops team beat the gophers this week, too! All in all, not a bad seven or eight days for this badgercubinmn. ;)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Random February Update ... Forgot to say, "Happy Groundhog Day!"

I realized something when I returned to my school on Monday, February 3rd ... Not only did many of my students not know who Jimmy the Groundhog is, but many of them didn't even realize that February 2nd IS Groundhog Day!

Wow. Just wow.

This is Jimmy, by the way ...


He said that we're getting 6 more weeks of winter - which I'm okay with, because any more than that and I'll go nuts.

We didn't have much school in January ... because of the cold weather. Apparently -40 to -60 wind chills are not good to be outside in.

My two children are active as heck. The boy has played in three basketball tournaments since 2014 began, and my daughter has been trying the basketball thing (and doing nicely, thank you very much) since the new year began as well - a few practices, a couple of scrimmages, and some stellar improvement. We have been at dance quite a bit, of course, preparing for those competitions - which will be coming up in March and April, I believe. Recital is early this year, May31/June1 weekend - so if anyone wants to come, plan on letting us know soon so we can buy tickets.

Baseball can't come soon enough. Youth clinics every Sunday in January helped, but taking Feb 2nd off wasn't any fun. Four or five more dates will help get us to the start of high school baseball practice - and a nice warm-weather trip with the team :)

My time at the junior high, teaching, has been pretty cool. Puts me in a good mood most days (even though my last period class might tell you otherwise - they're a bit squirrelly). And the school year is screaming by. Before you know it, it'll be summer - time for 'old-man' baseball, youth activities all of the place for my kids, and a couple of trips with the family. Heck, I'm already trying to figure out how to make the transition into the next school-year work better for the kids :)

Oh well. Let's stick with the plan for this weekend for now. One day at a time. Every one's a blessing.

Happy (Belated) Groundhog Day, Everyone!