Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had a GREAT Christmas Eve a couple days ago. Hosted my Mom, Dad, Gramma, Aunt (and family from Onalaska,WI), and Unlce (and family from Shakopee, MN). It was wonderful to have everyone up - especially since the drives up were less than fun for the two Wisconsin drivers (my mom drove my dad and gramma up from Madison, and my uncle drove my aunt and 2 cousins up from Onalaska). And I'm sure the drive from Shakopee wasn't as fun in the snow as it could've been ;)

My cousin's birthday is Dec 24th and we celebrated it with a DQ ice cream cake (decorated with SpongeBob, of coures). I love celebrating her birthday every year with her!

Everybody stuck around for dinner (after way too many appetizers) and we eventually opened a ton of presents. We enjoyed being with everyone and having everyone feel comfortable at our homes. The Wisconsin contingents stayed overnight and got up to head out for Christmas Day celebrations back in Wisconsin.

Our family made it to Christmas Day mass very early (without need, for some reason, as church was barely full?). And we've had a great Christmas weekend at home for a change.

I posted a bunch of Christmas timeframe picks. Don't try to figure too much out. My daughter had a Christmas show at her pre-school, the kids made cookies with Mommy, we opened gifts forever (and at multiple times), we enjoyed dressing up for Christmas mass, and and we took a bunch of fun pictures of the family - I say "we" because I'm not sure who took many of them :)

Merry Christmas. Buon Natale!
And Happy New Year, too :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Landon's Baptism - Green Bay

Had a nice time (except for the driving in the blizzard). Landon was cute and AWE-SOME! He did great with the baptism. Glad we were there to see the cousins and all the family. Got to see Grandma! And the snow was nice enough to stop so we could drive home on Sunday. Although most of Minnesota and Wisconsin got the worst blizzard in many years, we were able to brave the blowing snow and make it home in less than 6 hours :)
Thanks to our neighbors for snow-blowing and shoveling the 8+ inches of snow we got back home. It was a pleasure not to have to shovel before getting into the garage :)
Oh, and my son knows how to play Hold 'em now - don't ask.

Happy Birthday Kaedyn!

Bowling birthday parties rock! At least this one did :) I think my son and daughter LOVED it. Their faces tell the truth - don't they?! My daughter is excited and interested, while my son ... well ... he's focuse and intense - he wants that strike! :)