Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter is still here

And with it, the winter blahs.

I'm ready to move into spring and baseball season.

Until then, I'll rest my hat on watching my children play basketball.

The big guy's team won their first game today. In overtime. Then lost game two 36-6. Ugh. 3rd place game on Sunday. Update you later.

Favorite daughter is busy as always. After dance today, she has another basketball game as well. Her team (she's in 1st grade) lost to a team of all 2nd graders last game. Not too bad, though. She needs some strength on her shot, but she knows what's going on and plays great D!

The kids and I enjoyed the day off on Friday (conference release day) by, what else - going to my school, shooting hoops, playing catch, and generally enjoying ourselves before a lunch out at Chin Yun, and then some playtime back home with friends.

Thankfully, mommy came home from Phoenix (not Orlando) today.

Oh ... and after a sweep of the men's gopher hockey team last weekend by the badgers, the badgers men's hoops team beat the gophers this week, too! All in all, not a bad seven or eight days for this badgercubinmn. ;)

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