Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is pretty bitter-sweet this year. Not that there's anything severely wrong, but I didn't have any of my 'moms' to hug today :(

I haven't seen my maternal Grandma in a while and she wasn't here to hug. My paternal Grandma was here last weekend, but couldn't stick around (except for one extra day because of the circumstances of last weekend). My mom was helping out with my niece and nephew and I last saw her last weekend as well. My mother-in-law did stay the week between my son's first communion and mother's day ... but left Saturday morning to go back home. And my wife flew to Paris (as in, France) Saturday afternoon.

But I love them all, dearly! And wish I could give one of them (... of YOU, if you're reading) a great big hug!

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