Friday, July 15, 2011

100 days, and Jack - the bad luck charm

I coach baseball.

For the past three years I had been a head high school baseball coach.

We weren't very good. Not sure if it was my fault, but pretty sure the talent pool wasn't very deep and many of the attitudes were in the wrong place. In three years as head coach and six total years at the school, I had very little luck changing them - which is why I resigned. Well, anyway, I wasn't having much fun coaching the team this year. So, I decided to make up some fun for myself.

I wear Wisconsin Badger apparrel.

For the past 100 days, I have worn a badger shirt evey day.

Like I said, I decided to make up some fun for myself. So, halfway through the spring baseball season I started wearing Badger gear every day. Obviously, I couldn't wear it while I was coaching, but I would wear it before and after. Eventually someone noticed. I started posting my #Badgershirtstreak on Twitter. And I've even gotten some RT's from the University of Wisconsin and UW Alumni Association. It's fun. I like it.

I don't like rain.

Jack brings rain.

Our family has season tickets for the Twins - or, rather, we SHARE season tickets for the Twins. There are eight of us guys who bought into a season ticket package, and I (we - my family) ended up with 12 games (4 tickets each game). I have invited my friend Jack to exactly two (2) of the six (6) games that have been on the schedule so far. It rained all night the first time I invited Jack - and the game never got started - or rescheduled yet, to be honest.

It's raining today. Looks like it may not stop - ever.

Any guess who I invited to join my son and I at the game tonight?

Post script: Jack did bring a rain delay - 20 minutes - but we got the game in ... with the Twins leading 1-0 in the ninth, the closer gave up a 2-run homer to give the game to the Royals. Bummer.

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