Monday, July 18, 2011

Maple Grove Days

Fresh cut from Friday - happy to be going to Maple Grove Days.

In the Army Jeep.

First our friend Brandon 'drove' ...

... then we got a chance.

My daughter just rode in the back ... she got her 'drive' on later.

Dad and kiddos in front of the bucket truck.

Just like Grandpa's (in Ohio).

Stay safe - wear your hard hat!

Now we're driving - kind of. Hold the wheel, Honey :)

One last picture with Brandon by the squad car before we move on to games and more fun.

Hair by Mommy. Attitude and strut by my daughter.

Walked around the 'pond' to the games area. Here's the community center we use.

Friends waiting to ride the ponies.

First pony ride. Yeah! Big smiles.

Getting ready to jump ...

... and off we go. Up high.

Back flips, too.

Proud, but tired.

Not too tired to play dodgeball in a jump-house, though. Take it easy, kiddo!

Ladies 'driving' their race cars around the track.

Intense much?

Runs in the family.

Tiger house jumping for the girls.

And one last pony ride. Thanks, MG Days, for all the fun!

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