Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Yes, I have pictures - or more accurately, my SIL has pictures. I'll post those later. :)

Today was awesome. Except the whole getting up at 5am part. Well, that was just fine, too, since I got up to take my BIL to his half marathon race -

Sorry, I was interrupted by a jumping bug in the kitchen. He was intersting. Put his legs together as he lay on his back and popped up to try to land on his feet ... and now he's dead.

- anyway, the half marathon seemed pretty cool - and by that, I mean, literally cool, because it was a hot one today. My brother-in-law said the route was mostly shady and ended down-hill for the last three miles. I sat by the finish line and enjoyed the shade until he finished.

Then we came home and enjoyed a backyard water park for the day. It started with filling up a Target pool and circular 'baby pool', also included a dual slip-n-slide with races on inflatable 'boogie boards', footballs lobbed into the pool for full-out dives, and eventually included beverages in the shade, pool side, with a trip to a friends to pick up the inflatable 'mega water slide' complete with water sprayers and end of the slide mini-pool.

I did have to cook some dinner - or rather grill the BBQ chicken. That was good on the palate. And my wife made some delicious cheesey potatoes, with steemed beans on the side. Then, everyone crashed ... finally. The weekend has been a blast with the fam. Tomorrow? - Onward to more things Minnesota.

Yes, life is good.

Happy Fourth of July!

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