Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend Begins!

Brother- and sister-in law showed up with the kids on Friday night! :)

Our kids were SO excited to see their four cousins! They played until late and ended up sleeping in the same rooms with their closest aged 'friends'. An early rise brought on a bit of crabby-ness, but it also let us get out to the park early. We were in the Reserve only an hour after it opened - and the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing on the new playground - bouncy floor, new swings, mega-slides, and all.

The Pond also brought smiles and laughs. The park has a sand-filled, man-made pond that has filtered water and is Awe-Some. Needless to say, with the great weather and fun family, it was a great day. Play time back at the fort (the house) has provided some continued fun and soon it will be time for the adults to enjoy their own time together.

Thanks for coming, family!

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