Thursday, June 30, 2011

My daughter has a friend her age who lives across the street. Of course, my daughter thinks she's a teenager already, so she acts like the other girl is SO much younger that her. Never mind that they are roughly six months different in age (and ok, my daughter is the older one, but still). They've been playing pretty well together this spring/summer.

Earlier this week, my daughter was playing at her friend's house when she dashed back to our front door to ask if she could go on a bike ride with her friend and their family. Ok ... but you still ride with training wheels. (Her friend - 6 mos younger, remember - rides WITHOUT training wheels.) So I'm wondering how this will work. My daughter tells me that she will be in the 'pull-behind-thingy.' (Pretty good description.) Here are the two drama queens with their water. Mine's the front-runner, though, for drama queen of the block :)

My son, on the other hand ... well ... he also has a lot of drama. But he's still all boy. Had golf lessons this week, but obviously, before that, he had to go golfing with his buddy. Actually, his buddy called this past weekend and asked if he would want to go play the youth par 9 course nearby. How can you pass up on what was such a nice day.

He did complain when I made him where the khakis and collar. But, hey, as I keep telling him - they won't let me play without looking like that - so if I have to, then he has to. :) By the way, he told me that he came in third in the group - by one stroke. But he was the only one that actually made par on a hole. Congrats, buddy!

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