Friday, June 10, 2011

This Week In Baseball

This week, my son played in 100 degree, humid, weather on Monday. And 70 degree, cool weather on Wednesday. Nice. That's Minnesota for yah. Oh well.

He LOVES playing first base when it's his turn, so he really enjoyed taking a few throws from his infielders on ground balls this week. They even got a few of them out! I'm not sure why he likes first base so much, but I think it may have to do with watching a certain someone play the position so much over the last couple of years of his career -  possibly the same reason he likes to catch? :)

He did make one nice catch on the only fly ball hit to him on the night, Wednesday. He also ranged to his right for a ground ball - but the batter beat him to first base on that (no surprise). Don't get me wrong, my son can be fairly quick, and he can run all day - but he ain't fast - he's got his dad's running genes.

I believe that he takes the hitting mechanics instructions he hears seriously, too, because the pic above certainly shows good mechanics at point-of-contact! This one happens to come right after the pitcher nailed him in the shoulder. Hardest ball he hit all night! That's some good balance. Good contact in front of the plate, good back foot pivot. Now, we just need to get a strong follow-through and this hit will go from 'hard ground ball through the infield' to 'line-drive to the outfield gap.'

This one, he hit hard to the shortstop (who was GOOD!). Sometimes he has to be a bit selective - when coach is having a hard time pitching to him. But, really, I'm proud of my son. Now, if we could get that strong follow through ... and maybe a hard run to first base instead of watching the ball ... we'd have an MLBer on our hands ... Then again, maybe we do already - that is, if he doesn't go the NFL first.

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