Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dancing with NRG: Dare to Dream and Live to Dance

My daughter dances.

And she does well.
(That's her "Second Year Trophy" and one of her teachers.)

She has a nice class that includes two of her friends.

They put on a recital right after school is out each spring/summer.
(I think this is her entire class at rehearsal the day before the recital.)

She LOVES it!
(This is her in the "dressing room" an hour before the show starts.)

Her two friends. Yes, all three ARE adorable :)

These videos are from the rehearsal, since 'photography' is not allowed in the auditorium. Basically, though, my daughter NAILED 'em both - even more-so for the recital than the rehearsal. She must love her some bright lights! That's my girl!

She was front and center for the tap dance "You Are My Sunshine" and she was rear center for the ballet number, "Rock a Bye Baby"- and she was awe! some!

My daughter was ecstatic after the show - talking about taking classes this summer and not being able to wait for the recital next year - even at 11pm at night as we drove home.

Honey, you rocked! Dance on, girl!

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