Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'Today' is ALWAYS a good day!

It's Flag Day, of course!

And we built a house - well, at least our model ...

Then we designed what the INSIDE would look like.

My daughter picked up the mail ...

and delivered it, too!
My son decided to run a restaurant ...

but soon had to visit my daughter's grocery store to pick up some supplies.

At some point, a dragon entered the picture. Good thing it only wanted it's picture taken!

But, since we were out in the wild, my son explored a woodchuck den.

After which, they both decided to map out the animal homes and help everyone find a place to sleep.

They needed some art, so my daughter used some water to 'paint' rocks. Beautiful, honey!

Of course, we're always learning, and helping, so we took heed of Hayley's words (a sun poem?).

I know she looks scared, but she's just a really good actress! We had tons of fun at the Minnesota Children's Museum today! Happy Flag Day, everyone!

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