Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Officially is Here?

These are just some last day of school, walking home pictures, and other cool pics because my family is cute :)

My son walks home with his friend everyday from school ... or at least he did this year. I guess he doesn't do it in the summer now, does he? Badger proud!

He's a cutey in that new 'cut. At least all the girls think so - ok, not really - he's only in first grade so he's not into girls yet. But he is adorable ... or handsome ... or whatever he wants to be called :)

I think his teacher thought that he was adorable this year, too. He came home with a ton of stuff from school. Here, he's showing off his "FROG" poster - showing the life-cycle of frogs. Apparently his name got 'drawn' out of a can to be able to take home this class poster. Same with the multi-colored stuffed-animal lion in his left arm.

Definitely saving this pic! Brother and sister showing some love!

Not sure exactly why we took these pictures. But our clan sure is cute!

Now that summer is officially here, let's have some fun!

And of course, being my son,
His name was drawn out,
And he didn't even pout.
He brought home the hat,
And with the cat (ok, lion),
Let his sister where it for fun :)

[Dr. Seuss, I'm not! :)]

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