Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unassisted Triple Play

Coach-pitch baseball continues to be more exciting to me than I ever thought possible. My son was 2-for-4 tonight with one hit from each side of the plate, a fly out to the second baseman, and a fielder's choice to the third baseman. He made a couple of nice plays in the field as well.

I actually helped coach tonight - which I think I'll try to do for the remainder of the season, if not my son's entire career. It was cool to coach first base and be out behind the outfielders on defense, reminding them to be ready and where to go with a fielded ball. I felt energized :)

The coolest part of the night, though, had to be when our second baseman caught a hump-back line drive with runners on first and second. After catching the ball for the first out of the inning, he ran over to step on second (the runner having already left for third before the catch) for the second out, then tagged the runner coming from first for the third out. UNASSISTED TRIPLE PLAY!

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