Monday, June 6, 2011


My son (and a few neighborhood kids) belong to the Junior Power Pack. It's a youth fan club for the Green Bay Packers. Yes, we live in Minnesota. :)

The Packers (or at least the Junior Power Pack people) put on a youth football clinic each June. So, the three families from our neighborhood packed up and headed east to Titletown.

Seven adults and eight kids (including four young men who attended the clinic) had a great time!

We stayed at the Rock Garden Comfort Suites - which had a really cool pool (they called it a "water attraction" since it had slides, b-ball hoops, and fountains). Dinner for fifteen (yes, 15) at Titletown Brewery (old RR depot on the Fox River) on Saturday night was pretty neat, too. Kids behaved pretty well at their own table. Adults behaved, too.

Our family friends from Appleton came up to spend some time with us at the hotel, pool, and for dinner. It's always pretty special to see their twins (one boy, one girl) spend some fun-time with our kids - and they fit right in this weekend. Thanks for coming up, Schultzes!

Pool (sorry, "water attraction") opened at 8am on Sunday, so the kids were there again for a couple hours (after 7am breakfast - which my two kids actually had to WAIT for in the morning because they woke like clockwork at 6am). Bay Beach ended up being our last stop in GB. Rides for as little as 25 cents. Nice little amusement park.

My son enjoyed the Don Hutson Center (Packers' Practice Facility) as much as any kid there. I'm thinking that he's ready for flag football in the fall.

Of course, the DePere football team did a nice job helping run the clinic. This young man really got into the drill - and so did my son :)

Below, you'll see a pass (underhand, but still) from former Packers' 'Great' Charles Jordan to my son. :) Johnny Gray was helping at the previous drill but he didn't get to work with my son. Oh well.

Another catch and it was off to another drill.

Ladder drill, weave, hurdle, break through and hit!

Yes, that is ex-Packer and ex-UW-L athlete Billy Schroeder. My son knew where to throw to him - high, so he could go get it over the short defensive backs! :)

They threw the ball through holes in a blow-up target, too, and even got a chance to kick. That was a bit far away for my camera - sorry, no pics. But after almost ninety (90) minutes, the boys were done. They got a nice certificate of participation and football that they can actually use. Nice job, boys!

We shall return ... in 2012.

(Hopefully there's a return trip to Lambeau for a game this fall ... if there's a season.)

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