Monday, June 27, 2011

Year-End "Tournament"

So, at the beginning of the year, there was a date scheduled for my son's 'Year-End Tournament." I thought that this might be cool, considering this was the first year that they would actually keep score and be able to run the bases as they wished (for the most part, anyway). He played in a 8-U Coach-Pitch league and his team did pretty well. They were something like 11-1 entering this weekend tournament deal.

Since I had read the "tournament" part to my son, he was expecting brackets and a single- or double-elimination format with a true champion ... but ... it was really just two games in one day at a complex that houses the older leagues' tournaments (which were going on that same day). Oh well. Still fun. My son's team won two more games to finish at 13-1 for the year (I'm sure the best record in the league by far). And I believe that everyone enjoyed themselves. (But I'll let you decide as you peruse the pictures that 'Gramma' took.)

Took one in the face (or at least it LOOKS like he did) in pre-game warm-ups.

Always ready to go - especially when it's time to hit.

On the pitcher's plate, waiting to hop on a slow ground ball.

The 'tools of ignorance' seem to run in the family :)

And he looks comfy back there, so who am I to tell him 'No"?

Decent left-handed swings. This was a hit.

Good right-handed swings, too.

Nice stab at this one while playing first.

Got another one while playing third. Looks like it's going to be an out, too.

Good follow-through, anyway.

And good extension on that hit to the outfield!

Two wins. Lots-a-fun. Proud boys.

Of course, maybe my daughter was the one taking all these pictures ...

... instead of 'Gramma'? Looks like she's doing a great job!

Of course, we ALL had a GREAT weekend!

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