Monday, June 13, 2011

And then there was more baseball

Decided to spring for Twins tickets this summer. Got invited to buy-in with seven other guys on season tickets, in fact. Four tickets each to ten games this summer at Target Field. Ended up being twelve games when my buddy wanted to sell back some of his that he can't use.

First game was this weekend. Pretty cool. Neighbors have a 15 game package and ended up driving down with us for Saturday's game. One of the same boys who went to Green Bay last weekend ended up taking my son down to the field level before the game - and they ended up with autographs - Revere and Tolbert. My son didn't have a ball or a scorecard ... but he had a Twins hat. Now he just has to keep his hat from getting dirty, faded, or lost before Revere makes the HOF :)

It was a good game for the Twins, though. Revere led things off in the bottom of the first with a single and the Twins never looked back - 8 to 1 victory. I told the boys that they needed to get autographs EVERY game now, so the Twins can climb back into the race. As a matter of fact, I'm looking into the rest of the season package ... well, not really.

Sunday was cool, too. Took in another game. Not a Twins game, but baseball none-the-less. Since I  decided not to play baseball this summer, I can actually take the kids and enjoy an amateur ball game with them. Well, ok, my son still went into the Redbird dugout and ran the scoreboard, but it was neat to see him do that (and have fun with it), to say 'hi' to the ex-teammates ... and to be able to spend time myself with my daughter at a baseball game. She wanted to keep score, so we took along the scorebook and kept up with the Redbird offense. They won, too - 5 to 1.

I'm thinking I need to make it to more Cubs games, now. Heck, I'm 2-0 as a spectator this season :) ... as a spectator :)

Of course, there's ALWAYS more baseball ... tee ball started monday for my daughter ... she's a Red Rocket.

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