Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do you ever wonder what you CAN do in a day?

Yesterday, I decided to try to get all my chores done. All of them.

List of things done on Tuesday:
  • drive to wife's work for health screening
  • health screening
  • family breakfast at wife's cafeteria at work
  • drive home
  • quick load of laundry
  • drop son off at VBS
  • put away dishes from dishwasher
  • clean upstairs bathrooms (2)
  • sweep kitchen floor
  • pick son up at VBS
  • make lunch
  • clean up after lunch
  • hand wash kitchen floor
  • vacuum living room and front room
  • two loads of laundry (thanks for putting them away, honey!)
  • shake rugs out and put them back
  • clean kitchen bathroom
  • clean basement bathroom
  • organize home-office
  • file five (5) months worth of bills
  • set out steak and chicken for dinner
  • put potatoes in the oven
  • grill steak and chicken
  • slice onions; sautee mushrooms and onions
  • eat dinner with family :)
  • relax and watch CWS and Cubs vs. White Sox!!!
Dinner and relaxing was GOOD! :)

[Thanks for cleaning up after dinner, Honey, and getting the kids ready for bed!!!]

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