Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Awesome Twins game last night ... lunch with my son at school today

If anyone didn't watch the Twins-Tigers game last, then you should have! It was fantastic. Tigers went up 3-0 early. Twins scrapped back, then went ahead. The Tigers tied it up at 4 late and the game went into extra innings. The Twins had a chance to win it with a sacrifice fly opportunity late in the game, but the runner on third thought it was going to be a hit and didn't get back to the base right away. Out at home on a good throw. The Tigers actually took a 5-4 lead in that 10th inning and the Twins came back with a run to push it further (and would've won it then, if they would've run the bases better). Then in the bottom of the 12th, the little guys at the end of the order came through again. 6-5 Twins in 12 innings. We watched the whole thing ... well, at least I did - and my son watched most of it. It was a blast to see the ball-players going nuts over winning one game - to get INTO the playoffs :)

Today was cool, too. It was my son's all-school BBQ (front of his school above). Everyone goes and pays for a burger, chips, fruit, and milk and sits to eat picnic-style in the gym. So, my son took all the family in, including his little sister. It was neat. One of our neighbor friends was there with his daughter at the same time, so we all sat on a blanket in the gym and ate our "cheese" burgers and boxed milk :) They stagger these things so that they can accomodate everyone, so unfortunately we didn't get to eat with the entire neighborhood. Oh well. It was neat to see other kids pointing out our son and saying "hi" to him, telling their parents who he was. :) Nice day, too. High 50's and sunny is much better than the gray sky, rain and low 40's we've been dealing with. All, in all, a good past 24 hours ... let's keep it up!

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