Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Wednesday?

Note to self: Thank you for letting the kids play with the camera. Since you don't have to pay for film or development anymore, digital pictures taken by the kids are awesome ... even if they aren't ... if you know what I mean :)
Today was cool, too. My daughter got to "play" with our neighbor for an hour or so while I volunteered at school with my son. Pirate Pancake day was pretty perfect :) Just wish I had pictures. If I would've planned ahead, I would've been prepared. Probably won't prepare next time either, but that's ok. My son loved having me there to help. I liked it, too. I had a pirate patch on my eye, a pinching pirate earring and a pirate pendant for my necklace. My son had a pirate hat with pirate wig and a pinching pirate earring as well. We both wore pirate rings on our pinkies. Can you tell it was "P" day?

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