Monday, October 19, 2009

No Pictures! Too much fun! :)

Okay, so I probably could've taken pictures, but I was busy having fun and didn't really want the camera or phone to get in the way. Besides, when you have a "photographic memory," who needs pictures ... well, maybe my die-hard blog fans would've like them :( ... sorry.

Driving down on Thursday was easy for the kids and I ... once they got over the fact that mommy wasn't going to be catering to their every whim in the car. After the first hour and actually being stopped on the interstate for the construction at Menomonie, we stopped a couple times for potty breaks and food, but otherwise - Awe-some! It was nice to be able to be with Dad (Grampa) on his birthday. Hope he likes the trimmer. I know the card would've been enough, but sometimes you deserve more when you're a dad ... and a great role model :)

Having the gang up from Iowa was fun on Friday. 16 people in a ranch two-bedroom house usually isn't that comfortable, but it was on Friday. My children (and my nephew) apparently can make ANYONE happy :) Saturday was a bit of a bummer, with the Badgers blowing a first-half lead ... again. It was nice enough weather and good company, so I can't complain too much about the day.

Sunday was the day, though. My son and I spent ALL day together. First, we drove to Green Bay, parked and walked to Lambeau Field. We spent a small fortune on pop, pizza, hot dogs, and popcorn at the game. Got there an hour early. Watched warm-ups. Stayed for the whole game. 26-0 (shoulda been more for the Pack!) Saw Donald Driver make his record-breaking catch to become the player with the most receptions in Packer history - think about that one! More than Hutson, Freeman, Lofton, Sharpe. Not bad company. Then, my son and I started driving back home. Stopped after an hour and had a nice "sit-down" dinner, since that's what he wanted. Then drove the rest of the way home. Had nice talks. He slept about an hour. Then we kept each other awake for the last hour and got home to go to bed ... only about an hour later than normal :)

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