Monday, October 12, 2009

Snow, snow, go away! Come again another day ... or another month?!

Just in case you were wondering ... it's actually January in Minnesota ... in OCTOBER! We're currently still getting snowed upon. There has gotta be about an inch so far, with another inch coming down. I'm just glad I wasn't going anywhere with the kids today except the grocery store. By mid-week it should warm up into the 50's. The problem with that is that 60's are supposed to be are normal temperatures at this time of year. Oh well. I guess we gotta get the snow gear out a bit early this year. I certainly wasn't expecting to send my son to kindergarten in his winter coat this early in October ... but today I will :) Does this mean Spring (and baseball season) will be here sooner?!?! Wait, the MLB World Series hasn't even started yet. It STILL IS baseball season. Maybe this will help the Packers beat the indoor Lions and Vikings in the coming weeks at Lambeau. Gotta put some good spin on this somehow :)

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