Friday, October 2, 2009

Conflicted in real life ...

I don't know how many of you know, but I didn't watch the NFL ... AT ALL! (okay, 5 minutes) ... last year ... until the 10th week (which made Fantasy Football interesting). Now, don't get me wrong - I'm a big sports fan, and I did watch SportsCenter to get my updates. But, I watched a total of about 5 minutes up until the 10th week - and that was when I accidentally caught part of a Jets game when I knocked on a neighbor's door and asked a couple questions about an upcoming Badger game.

You might ask, "Why wouldn't you watch?" Well, I was really torn up about Brett Favre playing for someone other than the Packers. Not only am I a BIG Wisconsin Badger and Chicago Cub fan, but I also am a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan. Before the season started, when Brett was talking about coming back, I just assumed that the Packers would welcome him back. I clearly said to MANY people, "Brett will be playing for the Packers - or nobody - this year! If he plays for anyone else, I won't watch the NFL this season!" Well, my whole world turned on it's head when he played for the Jets, so it took a while for me to watch an NFL game.

Now, he's playing for the Vikings ... in the state where I live! Uhhhhh. Conflicted! I love the man, but ... the Vikings? You can't live in Minnesota, be a Packer fan, and hate a team any more (even the hated Bears are the second-most hated team for a Packer fan in Minnesota). So, I've been dealing with that. Now, this ...

Seriously? I guess when I bought the Green Bay Packers jersey (Favre, #4) a few years ago for my son, I didn't realize how much influence I have on my son. He's a HUGE Favre fan. And I guess he really doesn't understand the rivalry idea as much as I thought. I'm rooting for Favre a bit, too, I guess. But, there's no way I could wear anything "Vikings" and I told him as much.

This summer, he got used to rooting for three (or four teams): the Chicago Cubs, the Minnesota Twins, and any team playing against the St Louis Cardinals (and Milwaukee Brewers). But it hasn't translated to football I guess, and the love for Favre (and maybe some Vikings fans at school?) has brought about our purchase of a Favre t-shirt.

He did say that his favorite team is the Packers, followed by the Badgers (he doesn't quite get the whole college vs. professional thing), and then the Vikings (uuhhhh!). I'm not gonna be THAT DAD that makes his son like HIS teams. I'll stop short of not letting him get stuff like this. I can talk him out of a St. Louis Cardinals t-shirt or a regular Vikings shirt, but I really couldn't talk him out of this. Oh well. At least it's Brett. And I'm not on either side of the Packer-Favre feud. They're both at fault for one of the worst things that has ever happened - a hall-of-fame Packer playing for the WRONG TEAM at the end of his career!
Anyway ... we'll see when this makes it's first appearance in public. Thank goodness (really, I'm being thankful for this?) it's too cold to wear t-shirts outside or to school this week. I can't even imagine the reactions from my Packer friends and family. We wouldn't even have this option if we were in Wisconsin. That's what we get for living outside of cheese country, I guess. :)

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