Sunday, August 7, 2011

Drought Fest 2011

I still think it should be "Draught Fest", but I digress ...

Our friends throw a big party the first weekend in August every year. In the past, I've always missed a lot of it because I'm playing in an amateur baseball section tournament. This year, Drought Fest became yet another positive of my baseball retirement.

Jack and Nancy are wonderful hosts. They provide an awesome environment to relax and enjoy the summer day. Food is always awesome, and usually beer (root and otherwise) on tap. They bought a new used boat this summer and Saturday was my first experience driving it, too. I only dropped one kid off the tube we were pulling ... Don't worry - he was fine - and he loved the ride!

A little water skiing at the end of the boat-riding made the day an entire success - even with rain pelting me in the face at 35 mph. I'm still not sure how a party that was named after a long stretch of no-rain one summer now always seems to bring rain. Like I said, next year, I'm bringing the sign. Can't wait for ...


In the mean time, here are the pictures from Drought Fest 2011:

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