Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quite the perfect birthday

I don't need a lot for my birthday. Don't need a cake. Don't even really need presents. I like myself a few good cards to read from family and friends - and I sure did get a few nice ones yesterday - but other than a good 'Happy Birthday!' wish, I'm not picky.

Well ... okay, what I REALLY want for my birthday every year is a baseball game. Got one yesterday. The weather was PERFECT! and the Twins played well. I think I've increased the Twins' record to 6-1 when I'm at games this year. Blackburn pitched well, again, but didn't get the win. Offense came to life in the 8th. And a couple of buddies bought me a burger and fries, and two beers to celebrate - the win and 36 years in the books.

I got another present - as the Cubs won! ... AND my third favorite team - whoever's playing the Cardinals - won too! Soon, we'll be off on our whirlwind trip to Coors Field, Kauffman Stadium, and other points, interesting. And eventually this month we'll take in Wrigley as well. This IS a good start to year 37!

Mostly, though, it was nice to spend the day with the kids and open cards and presents with my wife. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday cards, presents, and well wishes!

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